Why Paradox

If You Are Serious About a Digital Marketing Career…
You Need Knowledge, Not An Empty Certificate!

Over the years, the Marketing and Copywriting heads at our sister concern, Virtual Employee Pvt. Ltd., have interviewed hundreds of candidates who applied for our digital marketing and copywriting job vacancies.

Some got selected.
The majority were rejected.

Among the rejects were also those who had received ‘training’ from the many Digital Marketing Institutes all over Delhi-NCR. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even clear the basic interview rounds as there was a huge gap in what these institutes had been teaching and what was required in the real marketing world.

So, the 2 key questions to be asked are…

Do you want to be that person who gets embarrassed at job interviews?
Obviously, no.

Don’t you want to learn real marketing from real marketers and crack any job interview?
Of course, yes.

Why Paradox Marketer Academy Came Into Being

The huge gap between what aspiring digital marketers knew (or, thought they knew) and what they actually needed to know had to be bridged.

And hence, Paradox Marketer, India’s 1st Marketing Science Academy was born.

How Paradox Marketer Makes a Difference

At Paradox, we will teach you what you don’t know.

We will teach you what’s not available outside our classrooms because all our learning has come out of working with real clients across the world, in real time and on real projects.

Is there anyone else in the market who even talks about:

  • Marketing Science?
  • Web Psychology?
  • What goes on in a customer’s head when they are about to make a purchase?
  • Why Copywriting is the very backbone of successful online marketing?

Our job at Paradox is to reveal to you the hidden secrets of Digital Marketing that no one is talking about. Insights that we have gained through our deeply-researched, validated and proven techniques and learnings.