About Us

Paradox Marketer is a sister company of VirtualEmployee.com, a hugely successful ISO 27001 Certified and CMMiL3 company, specializing in remote staffing solutions for a global clientele across 30 countries. It has 6 global offices across India, UK and USA.

Shaun Singh,
Founder & CEO, Paradox

Shaun Singh, CEO and Founder of Paradox Marketer Academy and Managing Director of VirtualEmployee.com, is a serial global entrepreneur and a renowned American growth hacker. Shaun has helped build organizations across the globe, based on his deep insights into consumer psychology, neuromarketing and the scientific principles that drive all marketing. He has also been prominently featured in the UK and Australian media.

You can follow him on his social media pages where he explains crucial differences between what qualifies as good and bad marketing through videos shot at key locations around the world, like Harvard’s, MIT and even the FBI.

The Paradox Seal of Confidence

  • The goal of Paradox Marketer is to create a new breed of Digital Marketing Scientists and not mere Digital Optimizers. It aims to revolutionize the way we do business online.
  • Optimizers may get you traffic, but it is real Marketing Scientists who make that traffic take the desired action on your page.
  • And that is the real – the ultimate – goal of all marketing, isn’t it?

As a Paradox Marketer-certified professional, you can make a difference.